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Puppy Guarantee

 You have been provided with a complete vaccination and worming record with your puppy. Please take it to your vet when your pup goes for his/her first check up, usually within one week of purchase or sooner. While opinions of vets may vary, and certain geographic locations require different immunization programs, it is generally recommended that pups receive booster shots every 3 weeks until age 4 months for maximum disease prevention. Please check the date on your vaccination record and have your booster shots given at the proper time. Also, your new puppy should be wormed regularly. Internal parasites, including worms, coccidia, and giardia, are one of the major causes of problems in young puppies. Even though your pup has been wormed several times before you purchased it, please understand, today's wormers are only effective against adult worms. They do not kill the larva that remain in your pups system. Adult dogs develop immunity to many of these parasites, but young pups need frequent worming to protect them as they develop. It is the responsibility of the buyer to continue the health program this pup has been started on. Otherwise this guarantee is voided.

   Your Dog is guaranteed for 14 days from date of purchase for all diseases it has been vaccinated for. In the event that your vet finds a defect at the pups first check up, the buyer has the option of returning the pup for a replacement, or receiving a full or partial refund, depending on the defect. Minor cosmetic flaws that do not effect the health of the pup will not be considered for refunds. Only defects that would affect the quality of the pups life will be considered. Pups are guaranteed for a period of 1 year for congenital defects, and up to 2 years for crippling hip dysplasia. Buyer has the final decision as to the disposition of any dog found to be defective, however, in the event that the buyer chooses to keep dog with defect, buyer releases seller from all responsibilities of incurred vet expenses of said dog.

   No refunds will be given without proper documentation from a licensed vet describing the defect, or post mortem results, and the return of all registration papers.

This guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the pup.

Any occurring vet expenses, and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

   All pups are guaranteed as pets only. No guarantee is given for show or breeding quality. For the health of your pet, we recommend having your pet spayed or neutered.


Purchase Agreement

   Buyer agrees to the following conditions on purchase of pup. Buyer agrees to provide proper care for the pup, including proper nutrition, vet care, exercise, and training. Buyer also must agree that under NO circumstances will this pup ever be turned over to an animal shelter, or dog pound. In the event that the buyer can no longer provide for this dog, and cannot find it a proper home, the breeder must be notified immediately.
    Buyer also agrees that they are purchasing this pet for their own personal use and enjoyment and are not purchasing it to be resold.  
   Sale is to be considered initiated & finalized in Monterey County, California.

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