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Hey Edith.  Thought I would give you an update on “Butch”.  He has been a joy.  He is taking to the raw diet really well.  Loves the chicken wings.  He is amazing in the potty training dept.  when I take him out he immediately squats and does his business.  I unexpectedly ended up dog sitting my next door neighbor’s dog Teddy.  He is about the size of your guys.  Butch proceeded to chase him around.  They are great playmates already.  He does have quite a set of lungs.  I wait for him to stop before I pick him up.  We have started clicker training.  So smart!  He is going to be awesome.  Thank you for allowing me to have him.  Hope all is well with you.  How is the knee?  Enough for now.  Thanks again.  Janet and Maverick’s Butch Cassidy.