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I have been a breeder of Standard Australian Shepherds since 1996.  Raising my Children and the Puppies went hand in hand.  Although I have never shown my standards in nothing more than the 4-H Dog Shows at the County Fair, I have done right by them.  My breeding stock have been certified free of Hip Displasia by (OFA) Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, and they have been CERF'd by a qualified animal Ophthalmologist to be free of genetic Eye Defects.  

I am proud to say that I have bred and raised great all around family dogs, great with children, and livestock and easily placed in wonderful homes.  This outstanding and versatile breed is a most trustworthy judge of character and have instantly placed themselves between their "charges" and whatever or whoever they felt was any type of threat. 

In 2014 i finally discovered my first Miniature Australian Shepherd.  I have since shown and titled multiple dogs through International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) and had loads of fun.  I must say, that the miniature Breed can easily keep up and perform side by side against their Standard Counterparts just in a smaller Package.  While the Standards are 18" or above, my Miniatures Average approx 16" tall at the withers and an average of 32 Lbs at maturity with Temperments that mirror the Standards in every way.  I will occasionally have a smaller pup or an even larger one show up in a Litter.