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Miniature  Australian Shepherds


About us....

Our goal at Maverick Kennels is to breed a well rounded Australian Shepherd. We believe that confirmation and "Temperament" play the most important part in producing a great all around dog. We breed for quality family pets, not high energy, and have produced wonderful dogs of all color variations of the Australian Shepherd. All of our puppies are raised here on our ranch and are exposed to many types of environments and animals including cats, horses, sheep, pigs, beef and chickens. We have the deepest appreciation and love for the Australian Shepherd as a breed and as our family members. Our goal is to improve the breed and help introduce them to you as the ultimate companion, work or service dog.

About the breed....

The Australian shepherd is a herding dog that was developed on ranches in the western United States. Despite its name, the breed was not developed in Australia but it is truly an American Bred companion that acquired their name as they were used to herd Australian sheep and were seen in the West as early as the 1800s. The breed rose gradually in popularity with the boom of western riding after World War I. They became known to the general public through rodeos, horse shows, and through Disney movies made for television ("Stub- The Greatest Cowdog in the West").

For many years, Aussies have been valued by stockmen for their versatility and trainability. They have a similar look to the popular English Shepherd and Border Collie breeds. While they continue to work as stockdogs and compete in herding trials, the breed has earned recognition in other roles due to their trainability and eagerness to please.  These wonderful little dogs are highly regarded for their skills in obedience. Like all working breeds, the Australian Shepherd has considerable energy and drive, and usually needs a job to do. They are often the stars in puppy classes and excel at dog sports such as agility, flyball, and frisbee. They are also highly successful search and rescue dogs, disaster dogs, detection dogs, guide, service, and therapy dogs.

The Miniature Australian Shepard is a lot like its larger counterpart, but are compact in size ranging from 14 inches to 18 inches in height. Very intelligent, bold and beautiful all wrapped up into a smaller version of their standard counterparts.


The Standard Australian Shepherds may be registered through the parent registry (ASCA), NSDR, ASDR, as well as AKC. The Miniature Australian Shepherd has been recognized as a separate breed by the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) and the National Stock Dog Registry (NSDR). Dogs that are registered with the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America (MASCA), North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA (NAMASCUSA), and NSDR may be registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC) as Australian Shepherds only.  Neither the UKC nor ASCA recognizes the Miniature Australian Shepherd breed as a size variety of the Australian Shepherd.